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You can't stay the same. If you're a musician and a singer, you have to change, that's the way it works.

- Van Morrison

First off, thanks for listening.

I had just turned eighteen years old and had every CD Drive-thru records put out at time (December 2003). It was almost the end of my senior year in high school, and at that time, the first thing on my mind was graduating and moving to San Diego. Parties, concerts, and college...

It was five months before I'd graduate and leave the small town in Texas where I lived. At that time I had only ever sang in a church band - never played an instrument, but a week before Christmas that changed. My roommate at the time, Victor, played a significant role in my becomming a musician by being unable to break a guitar, and handing it to me to try.

It was just an unwanted steel string that another roommate was given as a birthday gift. In reality, it was a pretty decent guitar - a Washburn acoustic... not the best, but certainly nothing you would expect as a beginner acoustic. Victor's attempt mostly failed, although he did put a sizable crack in the center, down the back. He lifted the guitar over his head, like Bevis from Bevis and Butthead, with his shirt on his head, and hands raised in the air (instead of in front of him). Needless to say, I thought for sure he'd break it on the first try, instead, his plan fumbled and he only got the headache.

And so it was my turn!

..."There may come a time in a persons life where a choice needs to be made, a choice that will determine the rest of your life. When the time comes to make that choice, no matter what you decide on - there will always be "before this," and "after this." And it was at that moment I decided the rest of my life."

The first time I ever held a guitar I was planning on breaking it, but the instant it was placed in my hands, it was pretty much love at first sight... The way it was handed to me I felt like I was in a dojo, and my sense' was handing me a new belt - arms at a 45 degree angle, positioned at the waist - then extended to reach. It's front was faced to the floor when it arrived in my hands and I slowly inched it around - I saw my reflection shifting across the glossy, polished surface on the back of the it, and then the strings were upright. I decided to lift it over my head like Victor did, and one-up him by succeeding. Yes, I know he already did the brunt of the work by putting a crack in it, but I digress. When I started to lift it above my head i accidentally hit a string, and it rang out - almost in tune. Something compelled me to hold it the only way I've seen musicians do it... so I did. And I plucked a string, to hear if I could reproduce the sound I just heard. It was awful, and I had no idea what I was doing. I decided not to break it. I guess it was love.

After my sudden change of heart I was happy it was still playable. After all, for a first timer, this was a pretty nice acoustic guitar. I spent hours out of every busy day between school, work, sports, and other extra-curricular annoying my roommates until I produced a sound that almost resembled music. I remember the first time anyone ever complimented me on my playing. I was still so terrible.

The story continues, of course. Ultimately leading to the creation of the music you hear, if you've let it play while reading. Take some time to leave us some feedback - just click on the 'message' tab. If you got this far, you have an obvious interest, and we like that!

Talk to you soon,


- Acoustic By Default



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